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What is the difference between solvent and pigment colours?
Pay attention to choice of the right type of colour. Pigment colours are dipping while solvent colours are soluble – you add this colour to the dissolved paraffin, candle is coloured as a whole.  
A candle smokes, what to do?
You need to use high quality wicks. You do not have to short the burning wick because it burns with candle together. We recommend proven high quality wicks from company HENSCHKEDOCHT.  
Why does my candle fell after the first pour on paraffin?
This is one of paraffin's natural properties. It is necessary to refill your candle once or twice.  
What type of wick to use for candle made of palm wax?
If you make a palm wax candle, you need to use special type of wick that is suitable for natural waxes, for example HENSCHKEDOCHT type HST. Choice of the right size of wick is important, because if you choose the right one, candle will burn completely. On the other hand if you use the wrong (not for natural waxes), candle will be spilled.
I light a candle, it burns for a moment then it goes out and the wick drowns, why?
Choice of proper size of the wick is a very important thing. We recommend you to do several burning tests before the final decision.  
I pour paraffin into a glass and after drying it falls out, why?
Paraffin is shrinkage. It is seen when the candle dries. You turn over the glass and it falls out. Therefore, paraffin is not suitable for glass candles. We offer a special blend KERAX 4105 which is intended for this use.
What paraffin use for decorative candles?
The most common is paraffin with low penetration and melting point 58/60 and higher. It is required that parafin has no odor. It may be also a combination of several waxes.  
Why we use additives?
Additives are chemical matters which prevent crystalization of paraffin and maintain the compact form.
Is it necessary to add a parfume?
It is a matter of each manufacturer whether to add a parfume or not. Some of manufacturers combine parfume with colour of candle. Some of them refuse them at all.  
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