• Pay attention to choice of the right type of colour. Pigment colours are dipping while solvent colours are soluble – candle is coloured in the whole volume
  • You need to use a high quality wick. Try high-quality wicks from HENSCHKEDOCHT.  
  • This is one of paraffin's natural properties. It is necessary to refill your candle once or twice.  
  • You need to use wicks with impregnation for natural waxes - HST or HPC series
  • The choice of the right size of  wick is a very important thing. We recommend you to do several burning tests before the final decision.  
  • Paraffins always fall out from containers. You need to use special products - Kerawax 4105, Palm wax C016, Rapeseed container wax. 
  • The most common is paraffin with a low penetration, no odor,  and melting point 58/60 . It can be also a combination of several waxes.  
  • Additives prevent crystalization of paraffin and maintain the compact form.
  • It is a matter of each manufacturer whether to add a parfume or not.