What kind of colour to choose for candle?

Do you want to make a coloured candle? First of all, learn more about types of colours that you can choose from.

Color menu is now very wide. Is up to you what you choose. You just need to know what the difference is between the solvent and color pigment.

Solvent color

Solvent-soluble-color is added to the already melted mixture, so you it colours the entire candle. The dosage is completely up to you, it depends on how saturated colors you want to achieve.

Pigment color

Pigment-surface-color is applied to the cooled down and tilting the candles from the mold. The color is left to warm up with a small amount of paraffin and candle is then to color dips. Perfect examples are cut. After excision of the ornaments, the car's individual colors applied to a candle.

And now it's up to you which kind of colors you choose.