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Jeřicha s.r.o.

We are a private company and we have been on the market since the year 2001. We operate as a store which sells products from company Paramo a.s. We offer a complete range of their products. Our next activity is the sale of paraffin in different heat values for the needs of industry, spas,manufacturers of candles and other sectors.

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Freguently asked questions
What is the difference between solvent and pigment colours?
Pay attention to choice of the right type of colour. Pigment colours are dipping while solvent colours are soluble – you add this colour to the dissolved paraffin, candle is coloured as a whole.  
What paraffin use for decorative candles?
The most common is paraffin with low penetration and melting point 58/60 and higher. It is required that parafin has no odor. It may be also a combination of several waxes.  
What type of wick to use for candle made of palm wax?
If you make a palm wax candle, you need to use special type of wick that is suitable for natural waxes, for example HENSCHKEDOCHT type HST. Choice of the right size of wick is important, because if you choose the right one, candle will burn completely. On the other hand if you use the wrong (not for natural waxes), candle will be spilled.
Why does my candle fell after the first pour on paraffin?
This is one of paraffin's natural properties. It is necessary to refill your candle once or twice.  
Why we use additives?
Additives are chemical matters which prevent crystalization of paraffin and maintain the compact form.
,, Our company SVUM-CZ is not a large buyer of oils and greases. Nevertheless, employees of company Jericha s.r.o. always provide superior and proffesional service in this area to achieve the best outcome for our production facilities. Friendly approach, high level of knowledge and effort to choose the best opportunity. These are the reasons why I will contact Mr. Jericha in the future. ,,
Business manager, SVUM-CZ
,, Nowadays, beekeepers are increasingly worried about the health situation of their bee farms. One of the methods to protect their colony from infection is sterilization of bee supers. You need to immerse bee supers into hot paraffin (170°C). Beekeepers are asking for high-quality paraffin without odour.
And that is the reason why we have been cooperating with Mr. Jericha for several years. He guarantees high-quality paraffin for beekeepers, which meets high requirements.
Michal Říha, Bee farm Říha